e premte, 15 qershor 2007

Internet Marketing Shouldn't Be So Hard...

This is the story of my Internet marketing adventure. It will be candid, and I hope it will help others who are just starting out. I'll tell what I find that works--and what doesn't.

Frankly I'm already sick of the ridiculous hype. If I see "cracked the code" one more time, I may throw up on my nice new keyboard. (Hopefully not. I just replaced one that was... incompatible with my favorite energy drink.)

Not only do big name IM sales stars make outrageous claims, they often sell products that are defective. And you know those "iron-clad money-back guarantees"? Try collecting--even when the product is defective or is never delivered.

And how about those download pages that are hyperlinked all over creation in order to sell you more and more and more? And that make it hard to find and download the stuff that you did buy? Much less the "fabulous free bonuses" (translation: stuff they couldn't sell, so they're giving it away).

My theory is that none of the "experts" will ever talk about this, because some of the most successful ones are some of the worst offenders. No one will blow the whistle, because they all want to make money doing joint ventures with them.